Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

I’m a former professional photographer who is now enjoying landscape photography as a hobby. After 8 years as a full time professional I realised photography had become a job and I wasn’t really enjoying taking pictures any more. When that dawned on me I realised something had to change so I decided to return to a full-time job. Ironically now that I am working full time I have a lot more time to actually get out with the camera and I have fallen back in love with photography!

My passion is for the outdoors, particularly the hills and coast. I virtually grew up on a North Sea fishing boat and have spent much of my youth and adult life in the hills, walking, climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, kayaking and fishing, amongst other things! Basically, anything that gave/gives me an excuse to get out into the great outdoors! I also love to travel, especially to the colder, wilder, regions but I now take much of my inspiration from the landscapes on my doorstep, in the North York Moors and North Yorkshire Coast.

In many ways my fascination or maybe obsession, is with the light, weather and the seasons not for photography. Photography is just my way of sharing my passion with others. I especially love the quiet of dawn and dusk, when magical things happen that transform the landscape.

My intention is never merely to create a photographic record of a place but to capture something of its essence and soul, to convey the mood of how it felt to be there at the precise moment the shutter was released and to create something special and beautiful that will look stunning hanging on a wall for many years.

I now work exclusively with digital cameras, currently a Canon 5Ds, with a small collection of prime lenses but strive to and find it incredibly rewarding getting the image right in camera. By taking manual control of the exposure and balancing the light in the frame with Neutral Density Graduated Filters (ND Grads) I am able to keep post processing to an absolute minimum. Normally I do little more than tweak the contrast and saturation to make the RAW file (digital negative) look like the image on the back of the camera. It's not that I have anything against post processing and I will on occasion use all the tools available to the digital photographer, BUT I'll only use these tools to capture what's there, never to create a mood or scene that didn't exist.

For me truth in photography and making images that look natural and that are believable is everything.

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